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Runner Up is the Big Loser

While many blogs and sites have posted who they think their biggest loser is in the off season dealing, I can’t help but think they got it all wrong. The Rangers are the biggest losers of the off season due to the lack of moves and signings.

Let’s start with the loses, Brad Richards was bought out by the Rangers due to his high price tag and slowing production. Richards was no longer a first line center but in the right situation he still has the potential to be a second line player. The loss here for the Rangers is of leadership after the Callahan trade and that they haven’t head a first line center in years and have been making due with over working 2nd or 3rd line players. Richards went on to sign a 1 year 2 million dollar deal with Chicago.

Brian Boyle – He couldn’t hit the side of a barn with his shot but his penalty killing was second to none and he always seemed to come up big in the post season. He logged minutes between lines 3-4 when not killing penalties and aside from a random 19 goal season has been useless on offense for his tenure in NY. Boyle wants an increase in playing time and bigger role on a team (probably a raise too) as Sather made sure to say that he wasn’t going to get either. Boyle to Tampa for 3 years at 2 million a year.

Anton Strahlman – Great second line dman who could possibly have an offensive upside and has been very consistent and came up big in the playoffs. Wanted years and a raise and got it in Tampa to join Boyle and Callahan. 5 years 22.5 million or 4.5 a year.

Benoit Pouliot – Provided secondary scoring and grit to the Rangers during the season and stepped up in the Playoffs as his line clicked. He outscored Nash which should show something. He wanted a raise (which he got) and wanted years in one place as he has been moving around a lot in his career. Signed with Oilers 5 years 4 mill a year.

The Rangers also traded Dorsett.


The Rangers gained a puck moving dman well past his prime in Dan Boyle for 4.5 for 2 years who can hopefully get a scoring touch and maybe show Staal to shoot the puck. Hopefully this turned into an upside as the Rangers haven’t head a shooting dman since Leetch and Poti but also hoping McD steps up.

Tanner Glass…. Who?

Mike Kosta, prone to injury, gets passed around a lot, may be a decent stay at home guy but need to hope he doesn’t get his head rung again.

Matt Hunwick – I like this move but is there room for all these dmen?