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The Season is Over

Yeah I know that I am late to the party, but as stated, I was on vacation!

So.. The Kings won the cup and if you know anything about hockey you would have seen that even before the first puck dropped in game. It’s not that the Rangers couldn’t have done it, but it just seemed that their trend of having calls not going their way and the hockey gods rooting against was eventually going to catch up to them. 

It only took 5 games to beat the Rangers and of those games they only lost one of them clean, one game they won and the other three were lost in overtime. The part that is harder to see is that the Rangers gave up a massive amount of shots and Henrik had to be at the top of his game to keep them even close to winning. 

It just so happens that even Henriks best isn’t enough to defeat the Kings who out shot, out hit and out played the Rangers at every chance. 

I wanted to get into this series and enjoy it but it was so one way that it made it difficult to enjoy when one team just keeps peppering the other net.

Was interesting to see how Gaborik would play back in NY after being traded last year. Quick wasn’t amazing and nor did he really have to be, he had some fantastic saves when they were needed but his team backed him up enough where he idn’t have to face that many shots.

As of today Brad Richards has been bought out by the Rangers as they try to move forward and improve upon their issues. Nash is rumored to be on the trade market as well and where we got him for a steal it may be harder to be rid of a player whose regular season stats have dropped since joining the Rangers and has shown that he can’t perform in the post season. Maybe a trade of Nash for the Sharks Thornton is in order? Something to think about.