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At the airport awaiting my flight home, hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will have an opportunity to write about the various topics that I have planned out. Everything from the finals to free agency and then some.

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Hey, I’ve been on vacation and won’t be back till Wednesday. Will make some posts on my return about the kings and other stuff. Also, still looking for writers, if interested email at

Rangers Need to Fly!

The Rangers fell flat in the 3rd and even the 2nd period of game 1 of the finals. They only managed 3 shots in the third period and really need to make themselves learn from their mistakes. They flew out the gate with 2 goals and just watched as the Kings pelted Lundqvist with shot after shot and never took control of any part of them game. 

The fact that is went into overtime is still confusing to me seeing how badly they were playing. 

The Rangers need to keep flying. They need to use their speed to move around the ice and throw pucks at the net. You don’t win without shooting and to beat the Kings you need to soar around them and slap it home. The Rangers need to bump bodies and throw their weight around. The Kings have the size and power and skill to make things difficult and the Rangers and to adapt and overcome in order to make this series a competition.

The Kings don’t need to change anything, they managed to control the Rangers for the last 2 periods of the game eliminate any advantage that they had. 

The Rangers better wake up of it will be a short series.

Brodeur to Test Free Agency?

Living legend Martin Bordeur has said that he is going ot test the free agent market this summer in hopes to get a 1 year contract for what looks to be his final season. It appears that after several conversations with the Devils of where he has played all 20 of his NHL seasons with, that he will be not be playing there next year. 

This has to make Schneider happy as he has stated he wants to make sure that he is the teams number 1 goalie before he signs an extension to stay a Devil past next season. 

Can Brodeur? Is this even a question to ask? He still has what it takes to help a team especially a team with a goalie that is on the verge of becoming a number 1. Brodeur wants to come back and play and he wants to win, what he needs is a contender with a young goalie to train for the future and there isn’t that many of those as well as he needs to take a pay cut fromvthe 4.5 million that he has made the last several years and look to make 2 million or less. Where he does have a wealth of knowledge, most teams have former NHL goalies as their goalie coach who can pass on the same amount of knowledge so he needs to find a way to make himself a good sale to a team that may be looking for an aging goalie who only wants one year. 

Hey, if Nabokov doesn’t resign with the Islanders, that may be a perfect situation to play along with Halak. The Islanders are on the cusp of becoming a playoff contender, they just need strong goaltending and healthy players.

Kings Knock Off Blackhawks!

So now we know that the Kings will face the Rangers for the Stanley Cup after ousting the Blackhawks in overtime of game 7. This is going to be an interesting series as the teams went 1-1 during the regular season. The Rangers will need to keep their speed up and hope for better luck in scoring on Jonathan Quick then they had against the Canadians. Goals will not be easy to get on both sides whether you whose in net. 

This series is going to come down to goalies and defense. Both teams can score but it is going to come down to which team can stop the most pucks. Where the defensive edge goes to the Rangers, the goalies are tied and the offense going to the Kings who have been flying high since the playoffs started after not scoring often during the regular season. 

I also feel bad for the Kings fans in California as the game will either start at 7 or 8 eastern time which is either 4 or 5 western time. Most will either be in work or on their way homes. May take the home ice feel out of the game.

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Rumor Mill: Joe Thornton

So the rumors are starting to pour in and for now the biggest rumor is that Captain Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks will not be with the team when the 14-15 season starts. After several years of being a dominate team during the season and falling flat during the playoffs, it may be time to start replacing the old guard. It is an idea that can benefit the team and hurt it. 

You won’t find a better play maker then Thornton. He won’t put up goals but he will help make them. He can help almost any team he plays for and still has a few years in the tank. He reminds me of Jagr a bit in the way he plays. 

The question is whether they can trade the captain especially with his 3 year extension starting this summer, or will they have to buy him out.

Typically when you buy out a player it is because he isn’t performing as expected, but Thornton is playing good hockey so one would imagine the Sharks would rather trade him and try to get something in return and not have to pay him over time with a buyout.

Thornton would bring in some good assets whether they are players or picks, but it would be interesting to see what he can do on another team, maybe a Boston reunion?