Richards Bought Out by Rangers

Brad Richards came to the Rangers as a free agent for the 2011-2012 and prior to that season was close to being a point a game performer. Then the NY Crush came in, that is the name I am going to give it. The Crush is when a great player comes to the Rangers and fails to perform under the bright lights of MSG and becomes a shadow of his former self. 

After a 51 point performance this past season and barely being noticed in the playoffs, it was only time until the Rangers pulled the trigger and used their secon complaince buyout on Richards. Was he the best person to buyout when Nash also sucked in the post season? Yes he was! 

Richards is 34 years old making 6.6 million a season until he is 40 years old where at this rate he would be lucky to be seen on the 4th line. The deal he signed after playing for the Stars was so in his favor that he was set for life. Even in buyout he will be making over 20 million over 12 years. 

Nash is still 29 and a few years younger then Richards but offers other upsides that Richards can’t. Nash can play physical and join the penalty kill. The Rangers just need to hope that Nash finds his scoring touch along with Martin St. Louis


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