Rangers Need to Fly!

The Rangers fell flat in the 3rd and even the 2nd period of game 1 of the finals. They only managed 3 shots in the third period and really need to make themselves learn from their mistakes. They flew out the gate with 2 goals and just watched as the Kings pelted Lundqvist with shot after shot and never took control of any part of them game. 

The fact that is went into overtime is still confusing to me seeing how badly they were playing. 

The Rangers need to keep flying. They need to use their speed to move around the ice and throw pucks at the net. You don’t win without shooting and to beat the Kings you need to soar around them and slap it home. The Rangers need to bump bodies and throw their weight around. The Kings have the size and power and skill to make things difficult and the Rangers and to adapt and overcome in order to make this series a competition.

The Kings don’t need to change anything, they managed to control the Rangers for the last 2 periods of the game eliminate any advantage that they had. 

The Rangers better wake up of it will be a short series.


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